Peace for People Foundation Nepal celebrated The Great Day of Love and Gratitude with the students from grades 6, 7, and 8 of Shree Amar Jyoti Primary School, Dhading. The organization conducted a 2-hr session which consisted of a presentation on the picture book by Masaru Emoto - The Message from Water.


When we got to know about this event, we promptly thought of celebrating this day with the children recognizing the importance of children's perspective and behavior in global peace. We have been working with the children for a long time through our projects. This experience has led us to believe that if you want a change, begin it with a child. If children are made aware of the consequences of their actions at an early age, half of the problems that the world is facing right now will decline.

The students from Amar Jyoti Primary School loved the concept of this event. They were found to be listening enthusiastically to the presentation on how human consciousness, thoughts, and vibrations affect the structure of water that surrounds us. The most interesting information for them was how water reacts to their voices. The images of beautiful crystals of water when exposed to the words and feelings of Love and Gratitude caught their eye. In the end, they were quite keen to carry out the water experiment at their home by themselves. Overall, the message of water was effectively delivered to the students.

In the present context when humans are detaching themselves from nature, the day was important for us to restore that thread to bind our children with nature. It is high time to teach our children that they belong to nature, and the world cannot sustain if both human and nature do not co-exist together. Hence, this event definitely played its part in giving the younger generation a sense of belonging to nature along with their responsibility towards it.

Having witnessed the overwhelming feedback on the program from the students, we strongly feel the need of organizing similar events among more children in the days to come. This will encourage children to act towards preserving Mother Earth by embracing a positive attitude towards the environment.