Work With Us

Donate Your Talent

We believe everybody has a talent that if donated can help bring a positive change in the society. You could be from any professional background such as filmmaking, photography, art, or media. We are always open to your time and effort. If you seek to donate your talent for a better cause, get in touch with us.

Donate Materials

You can donate educational materials such as art books, pens, pencils, school bags, or sports materials to us.

If you are outside Nepal, you can collect your donating materials and deliver them to us through your family members or friends who are coming to visit Nepal, or currently residing here in Nepal.

If you are inside Nepal, you can always come visit us at our office!

Host A Funding Event

You can host your own fundraising event and collect funds to help us. Birthdays, Festivals and Dinner Parties are always the great occasions to fundraise! Additionally, School/College Charity Events could be your way to raise the funds!