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Problem Statement

In the present context of Nepal, every individual is seeking to be mentally, socially, and economically empowered. Women are looking for ways to be self-empowered and continue their life in a proactive way. Additionally, post-Covid situation increased the emotional vulnerability, and financial instability among the people.

What We Do

Peace for People has been focused on empowering youths and women to make them self-aware of their rights, opportunities and capabilities along with addressing their mental health. The idea of being empowered gives a person the strength and courage to improve his/her living standard to a more self-sustaining way. P4P conducts three programs and regard them as tools to carry out Empowerment projects in communities.

  • Training/Workshop/Bootcamp

    Non-formal Education

    In order to make the women aware and self-dependent, PfP has provided non-formal education to women of age group 25-40 years residing in Kathmandu. The program ran for a month.
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    Personality Development Workshop

    Peace for People organizes a Personality Development Workshop with a motive to strengthen the overall personality of an individual which will encourage them to pursue their respective goals in a smarter way. In 2013, P4P organized a workshop for 100+ SLC appeared students in Kathmandu. The 3-day workshop consisted of informative sessions by different well-known personalities from diverse fields.
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    National Bootcamp

    National Bootcamp is an event organized by Peace for People in which the participants are fostered to build up leadership skills, critical thinking capacity, and team spirit. In 2016, a 2-day Bootcamp was organized in the presence of 25 participants in Kathmandu.
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    Youth Career Counseling

    Youths of Nepal are disoriented owing to lack of opportunity and a conducive environment for work. Consequently, many have been the victims of negative mindset, and depression. Peace for People organizes Youth Career Counseling Program which provides a platform for the aspiring youths to learn about their potential to be successful in various career fields. In 2013, P4P organized this program in Chitwan and Dolakha districts for 300 school level students. The one-day program consisted of career orienting information sessions and creative learning activities.
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    Skill Development Training

    Peace for People provides skills based training to different age groups of people. By studying the essential skills required for the youths and women, P4P mobilizes expertises of different fields and conducts skills development training programs.
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  • Income Generation

    Without women's sustainability, one cannot imagine a global sustainability. For this, Peace for People has supported 10 women of Fogadpur locality of Dhading district for goat-rearing so that they could generate their income with a relatively low investment and become empowered in both socio-economic aspects.
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  • Storytelling

    Peace for People strongly believes in the power of stories to bring that ripple effect of change. Thus, P4P establishes a platform in the communities where an individual can share his/her stories, opinions, or ideas regarding the issues that are preventing them from exploring their fullest potential. P4P mobilizes both national and international volunteers in the field to conduct this program.
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