MasterPeace Walk Nepal

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MasterPeace Walk Nepal

MasterPeace Walk is one of the community based projects of MasterPeace Nepal and MasterPeace Global that takes place in the rural communities of Dhading district. The core of a MasterPeace Peace Walk (MPW) is about learning from nature and culture, building bridges between cultures, and getting to know new insights of one's own personal leadership. Storytelling and dialogue are always the main elements in the program, and the walk itself is a perfect instrument to reflect and share stories about life and work in challenging times. MasterPeace Foundation highly values the MasterPeace Walk Nepal as it builds bridges between cultures, adds value to the local community and helps to build a strong MasterPeace network in the local region, not to mention the personal impact for each and every participant and all local Nepali people involved.

  • MasterPeace Walk Nepal 2022

    The 4th series of MasterPeace Walk Nepal 2022 has successfully been completed with the remarkable participation of 17 international and 18 Nepalese participants. The walk began on 2nd of November and ended on 11th of November, starting from Saatghumti, Bhimesthan, Dhading and ending at Simle, Dhading.
    The walk highlights the powerful storytelling sessions, dialogues and discussions on SDGs and critical global issues, and cultural exchange activities. The impact this walk gave to the participants and local people on a personal level is outstanding, and, as the participants themselves say - "powerful and unforgettable"
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  • MasterPeace Walk Nepal 2019

    With the continuation of MasterPeace Walk, the third edition of MPWN was jointly organized by MP Nepal and MasterPeace Global. In November 2019, 16 Dutch and 16 Nepalese nationals undertook a 6-day walk to Thakre, Galchhi and Gajuri of Dhading district of Nepal. The walk was supported by a logistics and cooking team of 6 Nepali.
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  • MasterPeace Walk Nepal 2018

    MasterPeace Nepal and MasterPeace Global co-organized the second edition of the MPWN in Thakre, Nepal during 7-16 November 2018. A group of 36 colorful people - 14 Nepalese, 2 Indian, 1 Georgian, and 15 Dutch - joined the 6-day walk in the breathtaking nature of the Dhading area close to the majestic Himalayas at an altitude of 1000-2000m AMSL. The walk in the rural area was the core part of the 10-day event and remained a very unique experience for all the participants. In 2018, the foreign participants got the extra opportunity to experience Nepali culture and rituals firsthand, as they were invited to celebrate the Tihar festival with the family of Mr. Santosh Bidari, the leader of MasterPeaceNepal.
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  • MasterPeace Walk Nepal 2017

    In November 2017, 20 Dutch and 20 Nepalese nationals undertook a 6-day walk to Thakre Rural Municipality, which is a beautiful part of Dhading blessed with natural beauty, unique topography, and most hospitable people. This Conservation and Peace Walk was the main part of the 10-day programme, and focused on promoting storytelling, dialogue, and learning about nature, cultures and personal leadership. In fact, the activity of walking itself provided a perfect instrument to reflect and share stories. The MPWN 2017 was organized by the MasterPeaceClub leader Mr. Santosh Bidari and his core team including Ms. Punam Khadgi, Mr. Suresh Subedi, and Mr. NabRaj Subedi, together with Dutch participants- Florian Geerken, Caroline Kouwenberg and Marcella Bos.
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“This walk is not just a walk. The MasterPeaceWalk is more than you can imagine. You need to be involved and after experiencing it, you can feel it. During the walk, you are thinking about life; the meaning of nature and humans; happiness and how amazing our planet is. Just join!”

-Giorgi Azariashvili

“A once in a lifetime experience that is very hard to put into words; so go experience! I look back at the kindness of the Nepali, the incredible nature and touching life stories with a BIG smile on my face.”

-Liz de Bruijn

“Do you want to learn from yourself, being in another culture in a really short time? being among others without the feeling that you have to do something? with stunning views in nature? being actively experiencing the surroundings? Then join the next MPW in Nepal, just like I did. I have learned a lot and I liked being away from my daily routine without thinking about it for a second. It is amazing. It's a big present from yourself, for yourself. Just do it. I am really thankful for this wonderful experience!"

-Heidi Los

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