“Tell them a story and they will remember it forever."


Tell them a story and they will remember it forever.”

Stories create magic and a sense of wonder to people and children have an inborn love of stories.

Storytelling is a way of teaching to students which develops an understanding, encourages active participation, increases verbal proficiency and enhances listening skills. In the present context, storytelling has been adapted as the main technique in different schools of many countries.

On the 5th of February, 2020, One-Day Storytelling Mentorship Workshop was conducted successfully at Dhading district. The one-day workshop was specially conducted by Kate Barron, who has been working in the School of Storytelling, UK for some years. The event was carried out in the active participation of a total 23 participants. Among the participants, 13 were the Primary Level Teachers of different schools of Dhading and Kavre districts, 6 were the trainees from different field and rest were the organizers. 


While talking about the teaching technique adapted by most of the schools in Nepal, it is more focused on theoretical knowledge than practical and creative knowledge. Children are taught through the course books and are involved less in ‘learning by playing’ technique. In some cases, students fear going to schools because of the unhealthy and depressing environment of school. As a consequence, the academic result as well emotional development of students is decreased. As children are natural learners, teachers are the single most important factor in propping up their capacity to learn. Hence, in the context of the educational system of Nepal, the method of storytelling helps in making children more creative, imaginative, emotionally secure and psychologically enabling as well. 

Throughout the day participants were engaged in various group discussions and activities. Mentor Kate shared the storytelling model and steps along with effective and participative technique of teaching. The main four steps of storytelling – Hear, Map, Step and Speak – were practically demonstrated in the group with the involvement of trainees and teachers themselves.  Similarly, she presented the academic progress of students as the result of this technique in her school. 

The workshop was scheduled for the whole day and ended with a musical performance by the participants themselves. In conclusion, the workshop is believed to bring an effective impact in the teaching technique of teachers and learning of students in the days to come.

After the completion of the workshop, the participants and the trainee were asked for the feedback on what they had to say about the event.


“Being a teacher by profession, the foremost responsibility of mine is to imply new ideas and techniques in my teaching. Hence, I participated in this event to at least know about one single new thing that would help me to bring positive change in my teaching technique”

 Ramkumar Shahi 

Shree Bhumesthan Primary School, Kavre

“Learning is continuous. And this event taught me that actions speak louder than words.”

Sarita Poudel 

 Nepal Law Campus, Kathmandu 

 “I got to know about how we can use pictures and maps in a demonstrative way to teach children. I would like to tank Kate Barron for giving us this opportunity of learning”

Radhika Rijal

 Shree Janata Primary School, Dhading

 “I am going to take the most from today’s event. This event became joyful, completely new and different approach and beneficial for me. I am going to share my experience about this day with others as well.”

Kirshna Tamang 

 Shree Lilakali Secondary School, Dhading