Earthquake Storytelling Program


The Earthquake Storytelling Program had 10 students selected by the jury among 100 students who presented the stories of themselves about what they experienced during Nepal Earthquake 2015. The top 5 students were selected, among which one from Primary level, three from lower secondary level and one from secondary level students were finalised.

Santosh Bidari,Country Coordinator of MasterPeace Nepal expresses, “Since Nepal had a tragic moment earlier this year by the earthquake, many people are affected, among which the educational institutes are mostly affected in rural Nepal. We came up with this idea of storytelling because all the stories could be heard by people around the world through the MasterPeace network and the students would be able to express their feelings about the earthquake. Along with this, the best 5 storytellers were benefited by a scholarship grant for a year in their respective schools. MasterPeace Nepal will be continuing supporting schools in rural areas of Nepal in future as well. "


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