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Problem Statement

Gender inequality has a long lasting impact on a girl child's psychology about the behavior, perspective, study choices, and ambitions. This is pulling them from thinking out of the box. As a result, in Nepal, we can see number of gender based discrimination cases in every phase of life.

What We Do

A child should not be limited to any boundary of his/her dreams just because of his/her gender. This is the motivation behind the Peace for People team relentlessly working towards bringing equality in society through awareness campaigns, workshops and training.

  • Training/Workshop/Bootcamp

    Peace for People believes that social equality is only possible if an individual's behavior from an early stage of life is molded into a good shape. Thus, P4P strongly advocates for gender equality through its trainings, workshops and bootcamps at local schools & community of Nepal.
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  • Awareness Program(Me for Gender Equality)

    Me for Gender Equality is an awareness campaign run by P4P targeting the school level students as well as locals of Nepal and making them understand their roles in gender equality.
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