Our goal is aligned with the shared blueprint for peace and prosperity as per the Sustainable Development agenda presented by the United Nations and supported by all the member states. By the year 2030, we aim:

  • to provide educational support (financial aid and stationery materials) to the additional 8,000 students across Nepal,
  • to launch skill development programs, awareness campaigns, and personality development training to strengthen youths’ participation in income generation activities; enhance their aptitude for nurturing mental and emotional health, and empower entrepreneurial skills for socio-economic improvement,
  • to provide training for 1,000 teachers and 10,000 parents from Nepal through workshops, teacher-parents learning programs, and collaboration with international actors via online seminars, a global classroom platform, and teachers exchange programs,
  • to engage students more in sports, arts, music, and exchange programs to double their impact on society by fostering their talents,
  • to mobilize local talents in solving community-level issues by way of volunteering, creating youth clubs, and organizing local community-building activities.