In the last 12 years, Peace for People has improved THOUSANDS of childrens lives by bringing meaningful changes through EDUCATION, EMPOWERMENT & EQUALITY (3E) which has become possible only from your support.

  • We have built two schools in Dhading and Kavrepalanchowk districts where more than 150 children get free quality education as well as free school meals. These schools serve as a gateway to higher education for hundreds of bright children from vulnerable communities.
  • We initiated a program called Foundation for Education with an aim to provide essential educational materials (school uniforms, bags, stationery materials, and books) to the students. So far, more than 2069 students from 14 schools across 5 different districts in Nepal have benefited directly from this program.
  • We have supported scholarship grants to 515 students from 14 schools across 6 different districts in Nepal. who are pursuing their education in different levels – Diploma in Computer Engineering, Diploma in Mechanical and Civil Engineering; Bachelors in Business Administration, and secondary level school education.
  • On the International Day of Peace every year, we organize awareness campaigns and cultural programs at the school level and community level to emphasize our commitment to peacebuilding and achieving SDGs. We have had the involvement of more than 10,000 people and reached out to 100,000 nationally and internationally through the events such as boot camps, storytelling programs, peace walks, life-skills development workshops, and training.
  • Interestingly, our connections and networks abroad have facilitated the opportunity for us to outspread our work to more than 1 million people by means of media, SNS, newspapers, and other communication tools on a national and international level.