Humanitarian Act

During EarthQuake-2015

Rice and Tent Donation

The devastating earthquake of 2015 severely affected thousands of families in different parts of Nepal. The disaster left them with no food and shelter for days. Peace for People donated 1 sack of rice and 1 tent each to 200 affected families of Thakre Rural Municipality and Galchi Rural Municipality in May 2015.

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Temporary Learning Centers

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This disaster also badly affected the education sector of the entire nation. Shree Janata Primary School (Dhading), Shree Kaule Primary School (Dhading), Shree Setidevi Lower Secondary School (Dhading), and Shree Bhumesthan Primary School (Kavre) were in complete destruction phase post earthquake. Peace for People donated GC sheets to these 4 schools in order to construct Temporary Learning Centers.

Educational Materials

Additionally, P4P supported earthquake victim students of Shree Janata Primary School (Dhading) and Mahendra Shanti Secondary School (Kavre) with educational materials in 2015.

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Free Health Camp

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Moreover, P4P organized a one-day free health camp in Kavre district targeting the earthquake victims in June 2015.

Fund Donation

Dipak Subedi, resident of Thakre Rural Municipality-08, Dhading, had to bear the total damage of his house due to the earthquake. P4P provided financial aid to Mr. Subedi during that tough time with a motive to bring ease to his situation to some extent.